Reducing the Costs of Funeral and Cremation in Mandeville, LA

Planning a funeral can cost thousands of dollars, especially when families don’t have access to affordable services. While it’s important to honor the memories of your loved one, you also need to be cautious about the financial impact this event will have on the family. At Bagnell & Son Funeral Home, we are proud to offer affordable solutions for funeral and cremation in Mandeville, LA.

We promise a customized approach for every family, giving you transparency with pricing and the available services. You can talk to our team about the details of the event, including the anticipated costs for your desired plan. Don’t hesitate to share your budget details with our funeral planning experts so we can help you in identifying the services that fit your needs.

Affordability: Funeral and Cremation Planning in Mandeville, LA

Funeral Home And Cremations Mandeville LA

Whether you are planning a traditional funeral service, simple cremation service, or something in between, we offer the hands-on care that you need. As you compare our funeral packages with our options in the industry, you will see that our team at Bagnell & Son Funeral Home is leading the competitors with our low-cost solutions.

Reducing the prices doesn’t mean that we cut corners. Instead, we give families full-service solutions by choosing the specific services that are needed. There’s no reason you should spend money on services that don’t match your preferences.

We started our local business with one goal in mind: to give the community an affordable way to say goodbye to a loved one. Years ago, we saw the problem that the industry providers only offered expensive services in this area. So, we built our business intentionally to reduce costs, cut overhead expenses, and offer our customers the most affordable options for funeral planning. You can have confidence in knowing that we maintain our promise of affordability at all times – without sacrificing the quality of services offered to your family.

Low-Cost Solutions for Funeral Planning

Don’t assume that you need to skip funeral and cremation services in Mandeville, LA if you are on a tight budget. Instead, our team will work with you to find budget-friendly solutions. Here are a few details that might impact the cost of your funeral plans:

  • Event: When you hold a big funeral and reception, you can expect that the costs will add up. Not only do you need to rent facilities large enough for the group, but you also need to pay for other things like staffing, food, decorations, programs, and more. There are ways that you can maintain tradition and still keep costs low at the same time. For example, you might take a DIY approach after the graveside services by holding an event at a free outdoor venue. Or, keep it simple will a small gathering where only immediate family members are invited.
  • Burial: Add up the costs for cemetery burial, and you will see that this is one of the most expensive costs for traditional funeral services. If you choose burial, then you need to pay for products like a vault, casket, and grave marker. Additionally, it costs money to buy a burial plot and pay for graveside services. There are ways to reduce these expenses by choosing low-cost products – talk to our team about your options.
  • Cremation: If affordability is the most important detail for end-of-life services, then direct cremation might be a good solution. You can avoid costs of burial and keep the expenses low with these basic, respectful services. If you choose cremation, you can still place the urn in the cemetery if desired. This solution is more affordable than burying a large casket.
  • Funeral Home: Compare industry prices and you will see that your selected funeral home will affect the cost of your event. Make sure to pick a low-cost provider so you can find the best deals on funeral products and services. At Bagnell & Son Funeral Home, we are proud to offer quality services at a fraction of the price you will find from other providers. We maintain a commitment to give your family a good experience while keeping the budget low at the same time.
  • Donations: If friends and family want to contribute to the cost of the funeral, then talk to our team about options for online donations. We can set up a donation page where people can share money to cover the bill.

While it’s important to be careful about your budget, you should also be wise to avoid penny-pinching every detail of the event. Decide on your priorities, then create funeral services to match.

Schedule a Consultation

Talking with a trusted funeral director is the best way to learn more about your options for funeral and cremation planning in Mandeville, LA. Bagnell & Son Funeral Home is always a phone call away. Visit our funeral home at 75212 Lee Rd, Covington, LA 70435. Or, pick up the phone and call (985) 893-2235.

Funeral & Cremation

How much is funeral service in Los Angeles?

  • In Los Angeles it will cost most likely $7,750 for a traditional funeral service. Other funeral service can cost $10,000 or more depending on the requirements for desired funeral. Learn More.

How much is cremation in Los Angeles?

  • A cremation in Los Angeles will price starting from $1000 for a basic cremation but other funeral homes can can cost you around $3,720 depending on the cremation inclusions. About Cremation.

How long does cremation take in Los Angeles?

  • The process of cremation in Los Angeles occurs between two to two and a half hours for an adult body. The heavier the body the longer it takes to be cremated. Learn more about cremation.

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