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Planning a funeral encompasses two important components: family traditions and honoring the memory of the deceased. Regardless of the size or location of this gathering, it’s important to think about the specific details that will support the preferences of family members and friends. That’s why our team at Bagnell & Son Funeral Home offers personalized funeral and cremation services in Covington, LA.

We understand that it can be a challenge to begin the funeral planning process. Some people are in denial about this situation and working through difficult emotions after losing a loved one. Other people feel overwhelmed about the many decisions they need to address during this time. As you are considering your options for custom funeral services, rest assured knowing that our team has a long history of caring for the unique needs of each family.

Funeral and Cremation Support in Covington, LA

Even though the family needs to provide personalized details such as photos and music requests, the funeral home staff can offer a high level of personalized support for the event. At Bagnell & Son Funeral Home, we work behind the scenes to create a gathering that honors your traditions and preferences. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep things simple or you want to host a big life celebration, we offer the same levels of respect and care for you and your loved ones.

Through this funeral planning process, we pride ourselves in the personalized approach offered for every event. It’s important that you are working with a team you can trust. At the same time, you need to have confidence knowing that your funeral planning staff has connections and experience in the local industry.

We provide more than event-planning support. Our approach ensures that you have access to grief resources, administrative help, and other unique considerations that need to be addressed for your family.

Steps for Funeral Planning

What is the most effective way to begin planning a funeral? Here are a few steps that should always be considered during the funeral planning process:

  • Gathering: A highlight of funeral planning is the chance to meet with friends and family in honor of your loved one. What type of gathering would you like to share? Sometimes, cultural traditions are best in a large celebratory event. Other families prefer a formal gathering in a local chapel. Or, you might set aside formalities and traditions and stick with a small memorial or backyard barbeque instead. There isn’t a “right” way to coordinate this gathering. The most important detail is that you have a time set aside to meet with friends and family.
  • Burial: One of the most common methods for laying someone to rest is in the ground at a local cemetery. For example, families often have burial plots so loved ones can be placed together. Traditional burial uses a casket and might include a viewing before the casket is laid in the earth. Alternatively, families might choose cremation first, with a burial urn that is placed in the cemetery.
  • Cremation: The remains can be laid to rest using high heat to break down the organic materials. The remaining inorganic materials are left behind, which are processed into a powder known as the “ashes.” These ashes can be scattered, or you might choose a beautiful memorial urn if you prefer to have a small remembrance of your loved one in the home.
  • Personalization: Regardless of the type of event you plan, the personalized details will make it a memorable gathering. The best way to honor a person that you love is by taking the time to personalize these services. For example, you can have an online memorial website with photos and videos, a video tribute to play at the event, and unique music and presentations during the services.

One of the reasons why you should choose Bagnell & Son Funeral Home is because we have a simple system you can use to finalize the funeral planning details. Our team offers the support and care you deserve as you are sorting through the possibilities and working through grief at the same time.

Peace of Mind for Your Family

Hiring a reputable funeral and cremation provider in Covington, LA means that you will have peace of mind through all stages of the funeral. We take care of the paperwork and administration, and also offer a listening ear if you need to talk to someone about the services. By working with families at their preferred levels, we ensure that you have peace and comfort through these challenging experiences.

When you are ready for assistance with funeral and cremation in Covington, LA, then reach out to us at Bagnell & Son Funeral Home. Our beautiful facilities can be visited at 75212 Lee Rd, Covington, LA 70435. Call any time to talk to a funeral planning expert: (985) 893-2235.

Funeral & Cremation

What do I do when a death occurs?

  • Contact your clergy. Decide on time and place of funeral or memorial service. This can be done at the funeral home. The funeral home will help coordinate arrangements with the cemetery. Learn More.

Should I choose Burial or Cremation?

  • Cremation is increasingly selected because it can be less expensive and allows for the memorial service to be held at a more convenient time in the future when relatives and friends can come together. Learn More.

Why have a public viewing?

  • Viewing is a part of many cultural and ethnic traditions. Many grief specialists believe that viewing aids the grief process by helping the bereaved recognize the reality of death. Viewing is encouraged for children, as long as the process is explained and the activity is voluntary. Learn More About Cremation.

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